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B i o g r a p h y

British native Stringfellow, AKA musician and producer Mike Williams, has written a series of compositions evoking imagery of classic movie soundscapes from a by-gone era. Using both modern and traditional instrumentation he's capturing a sonic blend that would befit many a dramatic scene on the silver screen.


After writing and recording music with numerous award winning producers and musicians he turned his efforts briefly away from the drums, stepping up to the mic on a solo journey through big sounds, lush strings and grand arrangements. With a penchant for '50's sounding guitars and the lure of the American west, this collection of tracks bring to mind times gone by without being retro-fitted.


As a composer his music can be heard all over the small screen, stage and web writing for the music company Composium


There are no live shows planned at present but you can catch him playing drums for New York based band 


a video of which was premiered on Rolling

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